When I Was Your Man | Bruno Mars – Kalimba Cover & Tabs


Guys, Bruno Mars just has a lot of amazing songs. This is 1 out of 5 other songs I’m planning to make covers and tabs from. Changed the filming angle this time, I’m not sure if it’s better or not. Should’ve filmed from the front angle as well next time.

The Cover

The Kalimba Tabs

I colour code the lyrics into parts. For the parts where there’s no tabs, play the part following the tabs with the same colour.

No tuning needed! Standard C Major.

Left is numbered notation, right is alphabet notation tabs

Credits to PHIanonize for the piano tutorial which I transcribed the tabs from. Tag me on Instagram @maenichie.ig if you do make a cover of this song. I wanna see how you play it. Tbh, this wasn’t too easy for me because the timing and melody is tricky haha. Enjoy learning it though! If you have any song request, let me know here. I’ll try my best to make a cover of it. 

Good luck! See you in the next post ^_^

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