Raindrops (an angel cried) | Ariana Grande – Kalimba Cover & Tabs

Hello people! Made a cover of raindrops (an angel cried) by Ariana Grande this time. It’s a very short song and sounds great on the chromatic kalimba.  Thought that I’d go for an easier song to learn playing the 34 key kalimba. I made a version for 17 key kalimba as well but it requires a lot of keys to tune if you want to play.

Also I’m so not aesthetic when it comes to filming xD You can see the mic wire taped on the back of kalimba hahaha. Btw, I reached 100 subscribers on 20th February 2020! Thank you so so much for the support 🤗 I’m so glad that I have content to be able to do video editing every week.

The Cover

The Kalimba Tabs

Tuning needed. PDF file to download is available below.

Credits to Piano Midi Tutorials for the original arrangement.  Please give Maenichie some credits if you use the tabs, thank you 🙂

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