May Be by Yiruma Kalimba Tabs

Hello! This week’s cover is May Be by Yiruma. The kalimba tabs is very repetitive so it’s quite easy to play. I really enjoy Yiruma’s pieces, there’s just something about them that allows me to connect to my emotions while listening. This piece specifically brings me to my happy place which is flowers and nature. I feel so calm and peaceful whenever I listen to it. 

The Cover

The Kalimba Tabs

No tuning needed. PDF file to download is available below (high definition).

Credits to Aoi Kumo and 위키위키WIKIWIKI for the original arrangement. I modified it by arranging a part from WIKIWIKI into Aoi’s arrangement and then rearranged it by how I interpreted it from this version on Spotify. 

Here’s a full list of the beautiful videos I got from in Pexels. Thank you very much for making them available to use for free!

I would appreciate it if you can give Maenichie some credits when you use the kalimba tabs. Do consider subscribing to the YouTube channel to show your support 🙂

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