Gymnopédie No. 1 | Erik Satie – Kalimba Cover & Tabs


For the past few weeks, I’ve been listening to a lot of classical music. From my discovery, I’m most amazed at how complex La Campanella by Frank Lizst is on the piano haha. Gymnopedie stood out most to me due to its simplicity and the peaceful feeling that I get from listening to it.

If you want to learn a bit of history about Satie, check this video out. The video title is History’s Weirdest and Most Eccentric Musician by Weird History. I find it interesting to know a little bit of background about the composer 🙂 

I had a lot of fun filming this video. The concept behind it is POV (point of view) shot which captures the scene from a particular character’s viewpoint. Since I don’t have a GoPro, I head-mounted my phone and shot it with the wide angle lens. Thank you so much to the people who uploaded these creative ideas on to make a DIY GoPro using phone, specifically Hona Africa and Daddy Where’s The Dinner for the tutorials.

The Cover

The Kalimba Tabs

Standard C Major, no tuning needed. PDF file to download is available below.

Credits to Y Kalimba for the original arrangement.  I modified a very tiny part of it in the beginning. Here’s the easy version from Y Kalimba as well.

Give Maenichie some credits if you use the tabs, would love to see how others play it 🙂 Thanks for visiting. Have a good day ahead x

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