DIY Kalimba Stickers – Free Printables & How I Design in Adobe Illustrator

Hello people! This post is dedicated to those of you who want to make DIY kalimba stickers. The video explains how I designed everything from scratch in Adobe Illustrator and how to put the stickers on your kalimba. You can find the free PDF printables below, just scroll further down.

The Cover

Kalimba Stickers

The preview is as shown below. Click on the button to download the stickers in PDF format.

Feel free to send your kalimba pictures on my Instagram account @maenichie.ig if you use the stickers. I’d love to see if any of you actually use it! Do consider subscribing to the YouTube channel to show your support as it helps the channel to grow 🙂

I hope you like the stickers that I designed. Thank you so much for visiting the website!

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