Comptine d’Un Autre Ete | Amelie OST – Kalimba Cover & Tabs

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This song wasn’t the easiest to learn, but I had fun practising and challenging myself haha. I watched Amelie for the first time at the beginning of this year. I love Amelie’s unique character a lot. In terms of the story line, it’s not a typical romantic movie. There’s a bit of a twist to it which makes it fun to watch. But tbh, learning this song is more fun xD

The Cover

The Kalimba Tabs

Tuning needed. Tune up F to F# (4) | F’ to F#’ (4•)

PDF file to download is available below.

Credits to these people for the tabs. I combined parts from the 3 of them:

I hope you enjoy playing the song as much as I did. I wouldn’t categorise this for beginners or ‘easy kalimba tabs’ because realistically, it isn’t haha. But of course, with practise you’ll be able to play eventually.

If you have any song request, let me know here. I’ll try my best to make a cover of it. 

Before you go, please help me to decide which font is best for the kalimba tabs in the poll below. Thanks in advance! See you next time <3


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