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2 weeks ago, I visited Koffie Craft in Bangsar South. My friends and I were walking around the Bangsar South while waiting for another friend and came across the cafe coincidentally. Didn’t plan to go there at all, we just wanted to have dinner at Amber (another post about that), never knew it existed but it turned out to be a good experience after all. After making some research about the cafe, I found out that it’s a Dutch cafe! 

First Impression

  • Oh it’s a Dutch cafe! Look at these fancy Dutch names. *read menu* “Ohhhh it’s apple pie. Ohhhh it’s coffee with caramel”
  • Price doesn’t look too expensive despite the location and the exclusivity it seems to offer. You can predict the price of food and drinks for cafe; around RM10 – RM30 per meal.
  • *Entering the cafe* This place is feels very cosy! My friend said “I feel like we’re in Europe now because of the interior.” Well to be fair she was looking at a huge windmill image behind me maybe that’s why she said that hahaha
  • The waiters were nice and accommodating. He told me that they bake everything in house. I’ve never had freshly made stroopwafel that’s why I insisted on trying it. The one and only stroopwafel I had before was this

So we ended up ordering a few things. First, Limburgse Vlaai (Pie) a.k.a. apple pie. In the menu you can choose wither to have blueberry or apple pie. RM 13.80 but if you want ice cream on top, add on RM 2.80 per scoop.


Apple pie with vanilla ice cream

Honestly, the pie was similar to other pies that I’ve tried before. One additional thing was the crumbs which added texture to the pie. But overall it’s alright. Wouldn’t order this again next time.

Stroopwafel Ice Cream

From bottom to top; Stroopwafel 1, whipped cream, 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, stroopwafel 2, whipped cream. This one was interesting as it’s the first time for me to try out a freshly baked stroopwafel. I don’t have a good benchmark to assess stroopwafels generally because the only one I tried was the commercial stroopwafel. But, I like the texture and taste of it. Maybe it’s better with less whipping cream. The dessert wasn’t TOO sweet, it’s just nice. 

And another one my friend ordered was a drink, I believe the name is Koffie Latte Caramel. I don’t have a picture of it unfortunately, but the taste was phenomenal hahaha. We’re quite surprised at the taste of it too because we didn’t expect anything much. It has just the right ratio of bitterness to sweetness despite the fact that caramel was added into it. I genuinely like this one a lot. 

That wraps up my experience of dining in at Koffie Craft. I would go again for the coffee for sure. Other dishes seem interesting too because they have fusion dishes like Korean and Dutch. I’m not sure which one to try next but it’ll be nice to try new things. I’ll include the information on Koffie Craft below. 

P/S: I’m writing this all based on my own personal experience and opinions. Also, I’m not a professional food reviewer or critic but I enjoy trying out new places to eat and recommending good ones to people.

Cheers! See you in the next post.

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