Hi there, my name is Yana. My original plan for Maenichie is for it to be a lifestyle blog to talk about food, experiences, sharing good places to eat at and others. However, I bought a kalimba in June 2020 and I honestly have never expected that my interest for would grow this big. So yeah, the kalimba has become one of the most serendipitous things in my life so far.

The main intention as to why I created Maenichie is for me to have a platform to explore and express my creativity in graphic designing and video editing; other than sharing my passion in learning the kalimba. I also enjoy sharing any knowledge that I have discovered in my daily life, hoping that it can contribute values to those who read the blog or watch my videos. Sometimes, I blog about food, experiences, or anything that is worth sharing. 

I’m a firm believer that knowledge is power. Thus, sharing things that I know is a way for me to exchange values and contribute back to other people. Without the generosity of people who have made tutorials online, I would never imagine gaining the required skill set to build Maenichie. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who has shared your knowledge on the Internet.


What does the name ‘Maenichie’ means?
Since I originally intended for it to be a lifestyle blog, I thought that anything that means ‘daily’ would make a nice name. I wanted to give the name ‘mainichi’ which means every day in Japanese. But the name is taken, it’s an established news company in Japan. I played around with the spelling and came up with what it is now. I grew up with a lot of Japanese dramas and manga so that’s why I chose a Japanese word for it.

When was Maenichie started?
In June 2020, during Covid-19 restricted movement order.

What software and equipment do you use to create your content?

  • Adobe Premiere Pro — Video editing.
  • Adobe Illustrator — Graphic designing.
  • Adobe Photoshop — To remove background on pictures.
  • Facebook Creator Studio —   To schedule Facebook and Instagram posts.
  • InShot on Android — To edit Instagram videos.
  • Galaxy Note 10 — To record videos and audios.
  • Wacom Intuos CTL-490 – To illustrate hand drawn graphics.


Credits to these people for inspiring the content created in Maenichie

The Bliss Bean
Candidly Keri
Fit Food Finds
Planet Houseplant
Kalimba Tabs by Friska

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